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Awards Criteria


ChecklistThe Awards would give public recognition for good practice.

Application process


ChecklistGet a quick overview of the steps involved in the application process.
Your entries may be for South Africa and/or international programmes.

Deadline for entries 25 June 2019


The nominee will be a female role model who is acknowledged as a person who is changing the face of gender mainstreaming in her own way; by her actions, deeds, utterances and general mannerisms.

The nominee is nominated by a person or group of people who know her very well, primarily in a business role, and the nominee accepts the nomination in writing.


Category of AwardAspects Adjudicated UponWeightingIndicatorExample
Positive Role Model Award Level of seniority 20 Recognition of the level that the nominee operates at both in her business dealings and any other organisations that she is involved in.

The more senior the person in the organisation the more influence they may assert. This should however be balanced against role models operating at a lower level and hugely effecting her environment.


Length of service 20 How long has the nominee been on her journey, either formally or informally.

This can either be a number of years of “understated” role modelling or alternately a shorter period of “dynamic” influencing.



Working within formal or informal structures  20

Does the nominee work within a recognised formal structure or are they individuals blazing their own trail. 


As this is an individual award cognisance should be given to those role models making strides in more telling and stressful circumstances.

Broadness of communities affected  20

Does the nominee carry over her influence to areas of their life other than the working environment.


Is the nominee acknowledged as a role model within her broader community.

Other redeeming qualities 10
Any other information that shows the nominee in a positive light.

This section shows the nominee as a well balanced person.

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Note: Nomination forms for the INDIVIDUAL AWARDS categories to be downloaded from the Awards criteria page.
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