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Gugu Khazi

Gugu Khazi

International Talent & Development Director

Gugu Khazi is an International Talent & Development Director based in London. She holds a Master’s in Business Management as well as a MSc in Trade Industry & Development from Milpark Business School and the university of Manchester respectively.

She has over 20 years of experience as a senior HR leader in various international businesses. She uses her experience in dealing with Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Career Development, Career Transition and personal development to coach others in making a success in their chosen careers.

Gugu’s focus is on developing leaders to be successful general managers, helping organisations create engaging culture and create great place to work as well as helping leaders deliver critical talent outcomes.

She also uses lessons learnt from her personal journey towards finding and creating a fulfilling HR career to help others to grow in their chosen careers. Having grown up in South Africa, she started her career as a Social Worker, she then transitioned to work in Talent acquisition before transitioning to an in-house HR professional. Gugu has held various senior leader HR roles within banking, oil and Gas as well as Consumer Goods industry.

Gugu is passionate about coaching others make a success of their careers. She recently published a Book called – “Passion to Careers: nine steps to building a successful career from your passion”. In this book she outlines key steps to finding your passion and using it to find a job that you will love!